A year ago, 6lack (pronounced black) also known as Ricardo Valdez Valentine released his album Free 6lack.  Listening to his album is like a emotional roller-coaster, because everything he says is relatable, true to himself and real. Every single song was different and every single song told a story. There was no track in the album used to simply hype us up or turned kind of into a pop song to be on the radio. Everything was just real music, which was really refreshing to finally find.


The songs are genius re-tales of issues not only 6lack, but all of us face and his style is one that no one can recreate. Not only does 6lack talk about his personal problems to help us fans connect with him, but he also pushes and inspires us to do more with ourselves, “If I can do it you can do it too ” – Alone/EA6.

Two of his hit songs from the album were “Ex-Calling” and “Prblms”, however every single song on the album deserves all your attention.


Personally this was my most favourite albums of the year. It was also one of the most underrated albums of the year too! By listening to the whole album from start to end you go through a whole journey with 6lack, and come out as a new person.

There is merchandise available to purchase here.

Furthermore, a few days ago, he dropped three new singles; In Between (feat. Banks), One Way (T-Pain) and Glock Six. Glock Six is genuinely my most favourite song.

Check it all out here!

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