Front Runnah (Intro) brings back raw 90s rap, which sets the standard for the whole project. The song itself is an introduction to the artist himself and what his music is about. He explains how he has come to revolutionise music through hard work and grind and incomparable lyrical genius.

Studio Cave reveals the unseen hard-work behind every song a rapper puts out. Artists generally spend hours to days in the studio trying to find the perfect lyric to the perfect beat. Sometimes an inspirational spark comes in seconds sometimes it takes hours, and the artist is stuck staring at a blank page with writer’s block. This commitment is exposed within the song as even though the artist is “stuck in the studio cave” for days and only has a one page written. He goes to the mic to spit his bars and go with the flow and he puts his heart and dedication to all of it. Near the end he even has a story where he is about to die from the carbon monoxide, but the first thing he says is  “gimme time to on perfecting my craft” this is a perfect representation of  an artist who will both die for his music and will be doing music till he dies.

It’s Going Down starts with an awesome 90s rap party vibe. In this song the artist is unstoppable, his words and music make him the king and coincide with his vision of reaching the top. Throughout It’s Going Down no matter how many obstacles the artist faces nothing can hold him back! “ITS GOING DOWN!”

Flawlessly Imperfect touches on a highly misinterpreted subject of inside vs outside beauty. The girl he talks about in his song is the perfect girl with an amazing body. All the guys want her and all the girls envy her. However “she has no job, but the one on her nose” and internally she is a wreck. With no self-esteem, high insecurities and no actual knowledge about more important things in life (she is “brainless”). She tries to hide her insecurities through playing games with men and acting like she is “the shit.” However, she ends up being an onion, a lot of layers but nothing on the inside. The artist then moves on to talk about how this girl is also a gold digger chasing the fast life with money and celebrities, because she believes that will give her power, however in the end no one really loves her, they just want her for the sex and now she attracts the wrong guys with chicks on the side. Thus, conclusively although externally she tries to front like the best, her life has become a void of nothingness.

So Close (feat Anderson) is about escaping your pain and darkness in life and finding positivity. For the artist his goals and dreams are imperative for his survival, it keeps him going, pushing through every obstacle that comes his way. These dreams involve making it in music thus every day he’s found in the studio trying to make more of his life and break free of everything he has been through/going through. The beat is subtle and calm, which tugs at the listener’s emotions as he subtly speaks about his pain and journey, something we can all relate too.

Gallery (ft Anderson) is  full of imagery of Roman’s dreams expanding, living in mansions and him taking over the game with his music. The artist calls upon the listener to envision his goals with him.  He is a lyrical genius that is bound for success. The slightly more fast-paced beat both excites the audience making them believe more in his words and “picture” everything he is saying.

The keyboard at the start of Fiyah leaves us slightly apprehensive and on edge, waiting to understand what the artist is talking about, but as he enters the song, it complements the fast bars he spits, adding to an overall enigmatic feel as everything is “Fiyah”. The song is one that where the listener wants to memorise all the lyrics because it is so fast-paced and to completely spit everything Roman is saying flawlessly would be an achievement. To complement this whole feel, the song itself is about the artist’s lyrical content which is “Fiyah”. He has the capability to burn everything around him simply with his words.

Complementing the name of the song Outlawed the start of the song speaks of someone implementing fear by threatening to murder. The background has a sound similar to police sirens, that signals to someone that is constantly chased by cops because he is on the wrong side of the law. The song itself serves as a warning to anyone who wants to mess with the them because they aren’t afraid to take action.

My People touches on a major societal issue that the world faces, where people are willing to go major lengths in order to gain “quick” money. They skip the books and the hard grind and turn to violence for an easy fix for their money problems. This leads to people moving to “cheap thrills” such as drugs. Before you know it the person gets so deep into the life and the violence, he ends up being murdered. The artist pleas for his people make a change from all this and use their minds instead of guns, and to unite instead of fight, which will consequently lead to a better society and an advance in people’s lives.

So Sick is one of Roman DaFro most popular songs on Spotify. He also has a music video for it on YouTube (check it out here.) It explores our ability to be ignorant to all the privilege that we have and touches on how we take things for granted without even noticing. In saying this the artist, then acknowledges all the “gifts” he gained and appreciates everything that was given to him.  The artist then walks in and speaks about his music and how no matter what he will be making flows till he gets to the top.

Smooth Crushin reminds you of the 90s rnb love song. The artist talks about one girl, the only one he really wants. It involves a bunch of cheesy punchlines that make any girl swoon, while also making the listener feel the true love he feels for this girl, as he speaks of her true beauty and how he wants to treat her like a queen.

The rapid lyrics of Outta This World complementing its speedy beats, makes our heart beat fast, getting us revved up throughout the song. Similar to Fiyah the listener wants to learn all the lyrics similar because it is an achievement. It is so fast that it is “Outta This World” we can’t help but wonder how he raps like that.  The song itself is one to dance to as the lyrics indicate as he calls everyone to the floor, making us sway our hips and enjoy our night as if its our last.

You can’t help but to bob your head to the beat of Romans Freewrite. It has a chill vibe as Roman speaks about having the game in his hands and how he won’t stop for haters as his lyrics take over. The laid-back notion in the song shows how the artist is not worried about those trying to bring him down as he has a plan and his music will elevate him to the point he needs.

Roman speaks of the originality of his words in his music through his song Take Off. Everything he raps about is real, he feels every word he writes. Right now he is simply taking off for his career (a kick-start) on a plane that shall take him sky-high. This is seen through the plane noises in the background of his song.

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