Timi Tamminen has brought a new twist to music through his song “Whatever Brother.” The electronic build up at the start of the song ramps the audience up. This is followed by a dynamic voiceover that encourages the audience to analyse his words, because it is an unexpected combination of music that somehow flows.

The song is about the artist growing and building his success while remaining silent, “while the rest just ran their mouths.” It emphasises his ability to grow without violence or dishonesty. He will break through his barriers and make his mark even if the “rest of the world goes Whatever Brother”. There is a clear juxtaposition between the violent tone the artist uses and the message/lyrical content in the song forcing mixed emotions upon the listener.

Something that makes the artist’s lyrics so unique is the amount of imagery he uses to paint a picture in the listeners mind. He doesn’t tell a story through his song he shows it. An example of this is seen through his words:

“All these small-sized minds like swarms of flower flies
Stay away, bitch, I’m a hornet: I sting, it’s no surprise”

The artist’s strength is something that cannot be reckoned with, nothing can come his way and no one can stop him on his path to success.

Timi Tamminen is a Finnish Artist based in London, he will be releasing a new album later this year.

Check out his song:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timi.tamminen.37

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetimitamminen/





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