High anticipated collaboration between Akira and Supreme is set to drop soon. Akira is a Japanese manga series released in 1982 and ended in 1990. There was also an accompanying movie for the series in 1988. The creator of the Manga was Katsuhiro Otomo, who after turning down many requests to collaborate with Supreme finally accepted the partnership.


The manga outlines disparities in society due to drug-use, violence and corruption and how each can lead to one’s ultimate downfall. Akira’s vivid imagery and gore, paved its way to great visuals.


The merchandise to be released yet to be released brings Akira to life, by including images from the original manga. It includes a Fishtail Parka, Work Coveralls, Jacquard Long Sleeve Top, Soccer Top, two Hooded Sweatshirts, four Long-Sleeve T-shirts, a 5-Panel Hat, two Skateboard Decks, a plate and a tray. Check out preview here



It will released online and in stores in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Paris on November 2nd and in Japan on November 4th.


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