Yung Nuance by TRUSTony encompasses a range of different skills that are applied throughout the song. He fuses changes of the beat and beat speeds with alterations in vocals, giving the song a uniqueness that you can’t find in other songs. Despite this everything in the song is still smooth and flows perfectly. The song also tampers with both a new and old school vibe, making the song likeable to anyone listening.

The beat ascends in speed as the song begins hyping our anticipation for the song. The rap itself is the best part, the flow is tight and effortless and most importantly its real rap, not some mumble rap nonsense, in other words, he has bars! The meaning behind the song is quiet abstract, it reflects the artist’s strength, grind and the fact that no one can bring him down no matter how much they talk.  My favourite line is found in the bridge “leave it to the system we’ll be unemployed, more money more problems, the more I solve.” The best part about the song is that on a surface level the lyrics is something that you can easily just chill and vibe too, but when analysing the song it also has a lot of depth that makes it so much more meaningful! No matter what you’ll love the song, so go have a listen!


Lastly, TRUSTony will be releasing a new EP called Confiance (in the second quarter), so keep your eyes peeled. Also you can follow him on all his socials to keep yourself updated with his music!




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