Do you support sexual assault, domestic violence, murder, sexual assault of a minor? Probably not. Neither do we.

However, we support people accused and sometimes even convicted of these crimes, when they are famous. What is the different between a famous sexual offender and sexual offender? None. Yet, rappers and many other famous people get away with these crimes and forgiven by the public.

In saying this, how do we take action towards these people?

Spotify recently attempted to remove XXXTentacion and R.Kelly from playlists for hateful conduct and some within the community believe it was needed to hold  rappers accountable for their actions. However, what about every other musician that has been accused for similar crimes? XXXTentacion was not even convicted for his crime, it was an accusation!

There are so many artists on Spotify playlists that have been accused of crimes, yet they are only ‘punishing’ two black rappers. This seems more like a racial attack rather than Spotify “taking action.” There are plenty of “white” musicians who have committed crimes why did nothing happen to them?

It is true that too many musicians are getting away with so many things that a normal person would be looked down on for. Rappers speak about cheating on women and we bang those songs like our anthems. However, if we are taking action, we have to target EVERYONE that’s committed crimes, not just two rappers who have been accused of illegal activity.

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