Amidst the cloud of mumble rappers starting to come up, Match McKenzie shines through bringing back real rap through his lyrics and new song “Awoke”. His ingenious wordplay and cleverly crafted metaphorical language, exposes the injustices and shallowness within today’s society. A society that is so wrapped up on ‘likes’, it doesn’t see the real issues of the world such as people getting shot.

McKenzie states how the “song itself is an appreciation to the ones that are finally AWOKE and seeing the problems that we as humans overlook daily, which shape our very existence.” The beat itself remains unsettling as the harsh realities of life set into us, through McKenzie’s words.

McKenzie doesn’t place a bunch of words together for the sake of a rhyme, each word has meaning, each bar has depth and each song changes our perception, making us conscious of everything around us.

McKenzie teamed up with Jah (for the cover art), Collective and Tokyio Shrympz in the making of this freestyle. He will be running a promo tour soon for his track Regula Degula (see details here) soon and is currently working on his EP $L@V€Tr♤D€.

Special acknowledgements from McKenzie himself were sent to his brothers Que Butter, 2Shot, Dot at Xyayx Studios for believing in him and for their alchemistic touch on his mixes.

Check out his music here

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