The quiet bar at Brunswick Hotel erupted as Andre Jemal blew away the crowd with his thrilling performance. He hit the stage with a new set that included unreleased tracks that the audience loved. Each song represented different aspects and stages of his life, whether it is his come up or his low points that he was pushing through, every song was something every person could relate too.

Through his engagement he made sure he connected with each member in the crowd  whether it be through direct eye contact or simply making us all put our hands to the sky, we were all not simply watching his performance instead we were part of it.


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Ark-A’s performance put simply was wild. W I L D. It was hard to comprehend how he was able to exude that much energy while still performing his songs. He covered the whole stage with his acts and dancing, the audience not only heard the songs but felt them as the vigour within the bar heightened 100 times more with each song. He hyped the crowd, then slowed the pace then hyped them up again changing the momentum of the space with his diverse range of song choices for his set.


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Lui focuses on the positivity of music, he has an confident and lively spirit which is not only reflected through his performance, but also his music. His “spread love not hate” message is one that is constantly exposed to us during his songs as he focuses on just the music rather than the negative aspects of other people’s lives. For this reason the audience felt more connected to him as a person and felt the realness of his words through each song.

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Fungai’s fast-paced rap required him to recite bar after bar without a second breath and he seemed to do this effortlessly. You could see his focus and determination as he reeled of each word at us, truly feeling everything he said. There was passion and determination during his whole performance, so much so, that us as an audience could not help but share that same passion.

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Svveet T’s performance was both catchy and exhilarating, the crowd couldn’t help but smile at his lyrics as he performed “Police”. Even in the short time he was on stage he was able to attract the audience and keep them bouncing to his music.

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Hannah did her first performance since she was 17 at this event and she nailed every note. Her voice had a juxtaposing effect as it was both soothing, but had an edge of danger and wildness that made her so unique. In other words she killed her first performance.


SapphireUnique as his name suggests his whole performance was unique. Not only were his songs different and deep, but during his set he did something I have not seen in any another show. He brought out a poet half-way through his set, to whom we connected with on another personal level. After this connection had been established Sapphire continued his set and the crowd remained exhilarated at his each word. It was hard to believe it was only his second gig. Everyone was dancing and/or singing along to his words as he captivated the audience through his music.


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Major shout outs to DJ9000 for keeping the night flowing smoothly, he was on the decks for hours, helping out all three sets with no hiccups in between.

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