The meaning of the word ‘crucible’ is “a situation of severe trial, leading to something new and great.” That is exactly what this album is about. After facing the many injustices society pressed upon him and his people Que Butter managed to fight his way to the top and this journey is seen through each of his songs in his EP ‘Crucible’.

Watch Us Takeover stimulates our mind pushing us to see the endless possibilities for us all despite our oppression. In the song even though people have tried to control the artist and his people, he will break through all these barriers and make his “way to the top.”


Now that the artist has pushed through the oppression and “taken over”, he has entered Ownership, reaching his “pinnacle.” He has worked hard and “fought the hate”, now nothing can take this away, nor can anyone stop from him reaching higher and higher. The background spacey beat complements his words, portraying his aim to reach for the moon.

RGB starts with a celebratory beat and bells chiming indicating something special as about to come through. The song is a fast-paced inspiration, with a music video that implements his community  to empower those around him and gain recognition to his people. The video is a “black movement” pushing people to be proud of their colour and join the movement.

All Me (my personal favourite), slows the pace, we hear every single lyric and the deepness/meaningfulness behind each word. He touches on how we are all starting to live the same mechanical life. He urges us to open our eyes and recognise the difference between reality and illusion, as all his hard work and successes are what defined him.

A lot of people are just “talk” when it comes to working hard and building success, however Let it Go distinguishes Que Butter from these people. His working ethic and unstoppable nature brings him to the top of the game. He doesn’t care about those around him whether it be the law, cops or even those who simply hate, he surpasses all of them to become to greatest.


Freedom is powerful. Our basic human right in life is freedom, however this fundamental right is one that is constantly taken away from us, due to insignificant factors such as colour. Que explores the depths of these issues through his songs, fighting for his freedom through his words.

Check out the album here.

Que Butter is also involved in a lot of community work for his people. Check out all his work on his website.

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