Do you have a team that backs your music or are you a lone wolf? Which one of you is most likely to survive? People are inherently different. So whether you will be more successful in a team or not is dependant on a few factors.  Here are some of them:

  1.  Are you an inherently independent person?

If you always work better alone a team may not be the best option. It can sometimes be a distracting environment when you are surrounded by people.  If you get more done when alone then a team may simply not be for you.

Although, the contrary is also true. Some people work so much better in groups, as having people around them inspires them so much more. People are motivating, and if you are the type of person that loves the fact that more people means more ideas on the table then a team is definitely for you.

2.  Are you okay with not being in control all the time?

Being a control freak isn’t always a bad thing. It sometimes keeps things in order. However, if you’re in a team you can’t be in control all the time. As obvious as that sounds, not many people realise this and try to boss everyone around them. If you like things being done your way a group just isn’t for you.

3.  Do you think feedback is productive?

Gaining feedback on your music is always helpful and a team is great for this. Having people around you that are in the same industry and have knowledge of what sells well and what doesn’t is always helpful.  If this sounds alluring to you then a team is perfect.

In saying this, some people don’t want the feedback, either they are too sensitive to it or they like to keep their music as something personal or unique. If this is you, a team may simply not be for you.

4. Are you the type to do everything yourself?

Sometimes people do everything themselves even when they are in a group. They just don’t think others can do what they want as well as them. Big sign you are not meant to be in a team.

Contrastingly, if you are good at delegating roles and everyone in your team is fit for you. If you’ve got everyone playing a part things get done so much faster and eases the load off your back!


If you don’t have people that surround you that are just as motivated and have the same goals aligning with you. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM. Don’t form a team for the sake of wanting people around you, otherwise they will bring you down.

You build a team with the right people, the ones who will have different roles to you, work hard and have the same mission as you. To keep the grind going you have to be surrounded by people that will inspire you everyday.

If you don’t have those people currently, go solo, there’s nothing wrong with that.

When you are successful you definitely are going to be working with teams, so you need the interpersonal skills to do this, but you don’t always need a team around you to become successful, people will come and go. Wait for the right people to say yes I want to work with them!

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