Speaking about underrated artists can we please talk about Eggman for a second. Eggman recently released his newest EP “Benedict” and it’s banging.

When I was listening to the beat of his first song I didn’t realise what the name of the song was, I just felt like I was awakening through the beat. Coincidentally, the song was called “Awaken.” But was it really a coincidence? I think not. Eggman’s clever implementation of the beat mixed with inspirational lyrics really pushes us to ‘wake up’ and do something with our lives. Furthermore, the drops and changes in lyrical voices and tempos are insane, setting him apart of the crowd in his music.

“Yeh I Might” is relatable song to all of us as it hits up all the temptations we go through as a human and all the mistakes we make on a night out. It’s a perfect song for anyone whether they are just turning up in a car or are out partying.

“Oreo” is just plain fire. Svveet T flows through his raps barely taking a breathe as each bar bangs through. The way they both switch flows and tempos seamlessly, is genius. This song grew on me, the more you listen to it, the more catchy it becomes, to the point you can’t get it out of your head!

We are exposed to Eggman’s more emotional and personal side in his single “Some Nights,” (my personal favourite). We, as a listener are now more connected to him as an artist as we feel his pain through his each word. The way he blends his voice with the beat is something I can’t exactly put in words, it simply hits you emotionally and you are automatically feeling everything he feels.

You can’t help bang your head to the beat for “Chain Reaction”,  this is another ‘wake up’ song to people as the beat and complimenting lyrics are almost screaming logic and insight into your ears, calling you to take action now.

The depth of “Pass Out” is something that connects to us on another level, as the unfairness of our society and people in general in portrayed through his words. Furthermore, we identify with his dependence on his “baby” to hold him up as the weight of world, weighs down on him.

“Echoes” exposes the fakeness in society from relationships, to jobs and to life itself . Eggman gives us hope and motivation to live out our dreams without caving into society’s expectations.

Check it out here

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