Juice’s creative flow is unparalleled as Fungai beats through bars effortlessly reflecting the fact that this music is simply apart of him, just like breathing.  Fungai brings back real rap, as he incorporates a range of metaphors, similes and other figurative language within his music.  This not only helps identify his cleverness, but we also recognise his passion to compel people to consume music that actually makes them think.

As we focus on Fungai’s words we can’t stop the inspiration from seeping through us, as we hear of how Fungai’s L’s built him, made him stronger and turned him into someone who now thrives in wins. Everyone goes through rough patches in life, this is the song you need not to help you just get through it, but to pick you up and drive you to reach your peak.

We feel Fungai’s journey as we travel from verse to verse, helping us connect to the artist on a personal level as he speaks on his faith, grind and flows. Admiration is the perfect word to use as we witness his unstoppable nature through his words. He simply cannot be brought down as his faith in himself and in God can never be shaken. Furthermore, the way he synchorinises the beat with the flow, especially in the third verse, adds to the genius of the art.

Fungai ends with an almost comical line saying “Many say they have the Juice, but do they really got the Juice though?”, we can’t help but smile but the humour also makes us reflect on his words as many people around us have started becoming rappers, and saying they are real. However, all their words are meaningless and their passion is simply for the money and fame, not the music. It is the artist’s aim to break through this and show the world what real music looks like.

To check Fungai out!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coolestrapperever/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fungai.katiyo

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