Uniqe quite literally takes you on trip through his album Issa Trip. The songs are versatile as each of them tell a different story and ignite different emotions. You can’t help but be enthralled at the work of art he has created.

Choices. We are exposed to the range of choices Uniqe has made throughout this song, however the one that sticks out most is his choice to grind hard now so he is not stuck working a  9-5pm job in the future. He wants to be the best at doing what he loves and leave a legacy in this world so he will be unforgotten in the future. “There is happiness in this pain”, is an important line in the song, because it shows no matter how much the artist struggles on his journey he will find happiness simply because he following his dreams.

Emotions Switchen has background music similar to a nineties Nintendo game. The flows in this song seem to simply just roll off his tongue effortlessly in this song. The artist sets the scene at the beginning of the song as an ignorant kid in a coupe smoking. He then quickly moves onto speaking on his childhood where he struggled being the “uncool” kid. This struggle lays the foundation for his new mindset of writing flows and dominating the music game with “hope, dreams and marijuana steam” . Throughout the song he is constantly rolling, smoking and his mind starts leaving this world. This element adds to the spacey feel of the song, replicating the feeling of getting high and thinking of all the words he is saying throughout the song.

If You Wanted has a slower pace to it, which automatically elicits an emotional response to the lyrics of music. We feel the pain of the girl who was cheated on, but also feel the ache of the artist who wants to give this girl the world. This ability to really connect with the emotions of both characters in the song is what makes it so unique.  The song itself speaks not only on the artist’s feelings for this particular girl, but also his understanding of the pain the girl went through. He is determined to give her everything she deserves and he is fearless in loving her as he wants her even in the future.

I Got Gas (feat Biggiebar) reminds you of a drug trip. Its one of those songs you just vibe too, especially when high. The voices of the song are somehow soothing, because of their low speed. This all complements the song as a whole simply because I Got Gas is  about the artists being high and thinking about what they want in the future. The abrupt ending of the song, takes us out of our comfort zone. As everything in the song is slow, we are expecting a steady fade out, however the quick cut wakes us up completely, for the switch up in pace in the song.

Not Stoppin is fast-paced and exhilarating.   The name of the song complements the artists flow, where he does not stop for a breath. It’s one of those songs you want to learn all the lyrics too.  In the song the artist talks about his grind and vision to stack money through his music.  What Is Love completely switches up the flow, you can tell its a love song in the first few seconds from the romantic music in the background. Uniqe speaks on his dream life with the girl he loves, “waking up to coffee” and giving her back rubs every night. To him she was too beautiful to be with anyone regular so he was the one to step up and give her the best in every way.

Faded Thoughts, starts with someone talking and sounding high, setting the pace of the song. It replicates the feeling when you get high, where you don’t care about anything, however at the same time you are having some of the deepest and mind-blowing thoughts about life itself, as we begin trying to figure out the meaning of life. He then touches on how we try to numb all these thoughts through drugs and alcohol to help us suppress the pain.

I Might Just Make You Mine, replicates the time before two people officially start dating, the artist is thinking about this girl all the time and reminiscing on the amazing time they spent together, through sex and getting high. While thinking on all this, he is also contemplating on making the girl his. The beat is cheery and bubbly igniting the excitement you feeling when in the “honeymoon period” of dating.

The artist speaks on how he never associates with “losers” that don’t work as hard as him, through his song No Playing. This girl, although she has his heart, they will never be more than just sex because he is on the road to success (grinding and making music) while she doesn’t seem to have anything drive. Nothing will stop the artist anymore, with so many people becoming rappers, he will continue to make his music unique to make sure he stays on top of the game.

We see that the artist can no longer be distracted by anything in his song None of That (feat. Mistery). A lot of people are just talk and don’t put in the work to achieve their dreams, that is why Uniqe continues to outshine them. He is always on the run, working to become the best and get that money. His lyrics that speaks of him constant “running” complement the pace of the song, where he quickly jumps from topic to topic getting everything done as fast as possible.

We are quickly called in question at the start of the song Where Is The Boof as to why we can’t accept the artist as a “serious” rapper simply because he is white. Uniqe knows he is on the way to success thus he is taking his time and doing everything right. Smoking, partying and making music is everything he loves and he is carefree of everything around him because he knows that he is ultimately in control of his destiny.

The song I Be Runnin (ft Clutch Kid) is exactly what the name says its about. The artist is running chasing everything he wants (the money and his dream). He recognises the flaws and fraud within society, where no one is real anymore and everything we are told is lies, so that we can be put in boxes and sheltered away. Uniqe aims to break free from these societal frameworks and take control of everything he does.

The beat of White Hoodie (feat. Tulip) makes it a celebratory song. Uniqe is uncaring about anything other than stacking that money. His life is consistent of smoking, grinding and partying. This all makes him happy. Tulip who features on the track has similar dreams of making millions, but he recognises that he does not have it all now, and refuses to take the “fake till you make it” approach. This is what makes the song so inspiring; none of the artists are stunting, they are simply talking about their dreams for the future.

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