In one word “All This Way” is straight vibes. It’s the type of song you can listen too in any situation driving in the car, chilling with friends or just by yourself when you’re trying to deal with your emotions. We wouldn’t call the song an upbeat club song, but something about it gives you a sense of liveliness, freedom and release. You just want to dance, while listening to it.

The artist has finally escaped the hold this girl had over him. He is done waiting for her and is ready to move on. You feel everything he is saying, not only through his lyrics, but also the tone of his voice. The emotion behind his words is what boosts the mood of the whole song. This song like many other songs of JYAYO, sounds completely international, it is so unique that the music can’t be pinned down to one country.

The visuals of the song are stunning. Both the artist and videographer/photographer Will, worked together on this project. The way the artist moves in the video complements the chill vibes notion in the song. In saying this, the way the camera moves and the different camera angles within the music video create an effect of time passing fast around the artist, indicating that this girls time is up, as he doesn’t “really wanna wait.”

JYAYO is an up and coming artist based in Melbourne, and is starting to make waves in the city as he has been featured on many playlists such as Rap Hits, Black Music, Sad Rap Songs and Chill Summer. To check out his single go to:



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