Get your party started with Lakshane’s freshest track “Groupie”

Drawing inspiration from some of the RnB icons of our time, Lakshane has returned with his banging new track “Groupie”.  The song encompasses both soulful and club vibes, making it not only the life of the party, but also a sing-along when you are deep in your feelings. In other words, you can listen to it anywhere.

The way the artist’s voice is infused with the beat (produced by Anexd), demonstrates the state and mindset the artist is currently in; completely intoxicated. “The Xans got me feeling kinda woozy”. It calls into question whether anything the artist is saying is actually real, or if he is just inebriated.

This notion is further validated through the music video. This video (shot by Karama Visuals), is a story in itself, with its high-quality visuals and psychotropic effects,  eliciting a feeling of being on our own trip; while listening to the song.

Watching the song and music video combined is an exhilarating experience, similar to being tipsy, so get your drinks ready for this one.

It’s safe to say that Lakshane has already established a name for himself within the city; appearing on some of our major media outlets such as Complex AU, Beats1 Radio and Fox FM. We won’t be surprised when he becomes a solid international name; so don’t sleep on him now!




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