A powerful movement “Girl’s To the Front – Part 2” occurred on the 8th of November at Laundry Bar, as a bunch of female rappers took the stage to inspire women and push them forward in the hip-hop industry. The event was nothing short of a success with a variety of talent and unique voices were exemplified on the night.

Imbi The Girl has one of the most powerful voices I have ever seen. It enraptures audience into immediate trance and you find you self swaying to the remarkable vibes within seconds. She killed every high note effortlessly and every word that she sung seemed to smoothly just flow creating an amazing ambient atmosphere.

There is no denying that Aywin has flow. Her bars were amazingly thought out and the crowd was in love with her, hanging on to every word and cheering at every punch line. Her ability to not only give eye contact to the general crowd, but give those who were really engaging with her music that special attention,  made every fan feel exclusive!

The moment P-Unique started spitting her bars you could see the crowd growing. Her talent shines unquestionably through everything as she touches on heavy topics such as racism, embracing her own beauty and skin colour, I mean she is the “queen of colour.”

Poppy ticked off her bucket list this show as her fans sang parts of her song for her! She performed her hit single “Ocean” and everyone was completely in love with it all. Her voice was both beautiful and calming and everyone was a little emotional at how moving her music was.

Fresh Violet has an exhilarating stage presence. She knows how to keep the crowd moving and she knows how to entertain a crowd. Her songs and voice are so unique that you can’t find another artist similar to her. Ultimately, you can’t fall short of having a great time as she performs.

Netti provides an explosive performance as she dives into the crowd. Everything around her screamed maxed out energy as she not only engaged with the crowd she was part of them, dancing and rapping with them all the way.

G Elenil was another artist that wasn’t afraid to dance and rap with the crowd. She definitely brought the great vibes with her from Brisbane with her catchy choruses. The crowd definitely felt her as they were jumping up and down to her words.

SwiftBoi’s outfit was one of a kind and her crazy style of music is one that sets her apart from others. There is no denying that SwiftBoi is unique in her own way and her fans reactions as she hit the stage said enough.

Raquel Cordiano started off the night with her beautiful voice. There was a calming ambience around her that really set the mood.


Without SojuGang the night couldn’t have happened she kept the music flowing and the beats playing with no hiccups.


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