Krown is known for his “Voice for Change” movement through his brand Military Mind. “Hail” incorporates real-life scenarios of the racism we face in Australia from even our highest leaders. Out of all the days to spread this message, Australia Day is perfect for this. The release date could be seen as a retaliation to what Australia Day represents – the genocide of Aboriginal people.

The song aims to shed light on the injustices that immigrants undergo on a daily basis due to the media and our leaders. A lot of people listen to these outlets almost like sheep, which is why it is important for artists such as Krown, Titan and Manuxella to provide an alternate voice/opinion and illustrate a different perspective of the situation.

Manuxella and Titan are perfect features for the song as they enforce the message, in their unique style, without overshadowing each other. On a day celebrated as the ‘so-called’ beginning of Australia, lest not forget the bloodshed of the masses of the original landowners of this great country we call home. Therefore, no other ‘leader’ nor media outlet should really have the right to talk against immigrants.

To check out the song and join the movement here is the link:


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