With the voice of an angel Dansy dominated the stage. She was both powerful and enigmatic. Her confidence gave her that extra glow on stage, you could tell everyone was in love with her personality. Her music, especially near the end was one that everyone had gone through a break up could relate too, so you could hear many chanting her choruses along with her.


SavageTheGirl has a unique vibe around her that you can’t really put into words. Everything about her was simply compelling. As an audience you couldn’t help but sway to the melodies of her music. She was different which was completely refreshing, making her performance one that was unforgettable.


If you’ve ever seen J.Love’s performance you know he is going to have the crowd hyped from the very beginning. His songs are catchy, his hooks are memorable and everyone could relate to his music; especially during “It Is What It Is”, where everyone was singing along to the chorus.


Throughout his performance Ror teased us with snippets of his unreleased tracks. The whole time the crowd was left wanting a little more from him. There was a dominance in his presence and every song he performed consistently had bars that had everyone impressed.


The Get Down regulars MC Wasp and DJ Dopebeat killed their set as usual. If you have been to the Get Down before you know they have a set with a large variety of songs. The pair are undeniably in sync with each other as they killed beat after beat and kept the crowd engaged.


There is something alluring about Tebir’s voice that enraptures the crowd from the very beginning. There is so much soul in his music and presence that you feel every word that he is saying.  It was obvious that everything he was singing was straight from his heart and that’s what connected with the crowd the most.


Lastly a huge thank you to DJ Iced, Happy Pix Studio and Trofe The Great. DJ Iced was up on stage almost the whole night making sure the night ran smoothly and co-operating with the artists needs. Happy Pix Studios came through with the amazing photos and videos, capturing the moments that mattered most on the night. All images in this blog were taken by him. Trofe The Great made an amazing piece of art on the night (see below). Can you believe he drew that in a few hours?



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