How You Feel

Andre brings power through his lyricism to what seems like a mellow song in ‘How You Feel’. You hear the beginning, read the song name and think this must be a nice seductive love song. However, Andre does a 360 flip and instead speaks about deeper issues and situations in the context of life. This in turn forces people to listen to the song rather than nod mindlessly to the beat. The artist opens up about his personal life; giving insights to his struggles, passions and dreams. This not only makes the song more relatable but also inspirational, pushing the listener to keep going in their deepest darkest moments.

7 (Remix)

So, everyone that knows Andre, knows that ‘7’ is a song that is just made to be a hit. So, what did Andre do? He created a remix with two other artists and made it into even more of a banger. 7 (Remix) is one of those songs you play if you just want to feel fucking great, whether it be with friends, in the car or just alone at home chilling, you listen to the song and your ego is automatically boosted by about 100%. It’s one of those songs that can’t be slept on, because it’s destined to blow up.

Wid It

Wid It, is a feel good song. The artist seems to be stuntin’ on everyone around him. His grind and work has paid off and now nothing can stop him. Got a new Gucci bag and you feeling good about it? Play this song. The beat is one you can just bob your head too and vibe with.

2020 Vision

2020 Vision brings together the ASG gang with Muggz and JR featuring on the track. It’s the perfect party song with a hard beat. The song is just a mixture of a good time and having fun. Different people have different ways they spend their night and this song is just three perspectives of it. It definitely is also an underrated feel good song, that should be played every time you’re trying to get lit with your friends.

How It Do (Interlude)

How It Do is a calming interlude that incorporates seductive undertones within the artist’s voice. The way the artist reverses the beat is genius, it somehow makes you feel the song and the lyrics 5 times more. The song is trippy relating various topics in a short verse, creating a hazy feel for the audience when listening. It’s just a chill song that is perfect to vibe too.


Smoking up with your friends? Clouds is the song to play. Something about it just makes you feel “high up in the clouds”. The start of the song seems like there are many people talking at once, however, the main voice you hear is the artist who speaks about how it is up to yourself and your own grind to be anything. This idea of working hard and creating your own success may seem ironic for a song that is meant to be about getting high. However, what people don’t realise is that this is sometimes the kind of things you think of when high. Being high sometimes brings out those crazy ideas and those creative thoughts, so it is the perfect song to actually find motivation when high.


OG featuring Cease Sim, the beat is dark and sinister, adding an emotionless vibe to the song. The artist seems to be out of his feelings, with his head in the game; “middle finger to the rules, cause we really don’t care.” He needs to be in this state with “silence in the booth” while he makes his music and grows his success. If there is no growth there must be mistakes, thus he is doing everything in his power to further himself in life.  Everything is about patience, the artist isn’t at the state he wants to be yet, but he is sure he will make it.

In the next verse Andre speaks on “realness”, those who are with him through his mistakes and flaws are his real friends. He seems unafraid to expose the fakes “why she acting light-skin, we can tell that she ain’t mixed.”

This all ends in greatness near the end as the artist changes the vocals and beat, completely surprising the listening and helping them get in with the rhythm of the song overall.

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