So we all have that friend who thinks they can sing, but can’t. But what do you do when your friend is pursuing a career in rap, but can’t actually rap?

Constructive Criticism

Talk to them about their music and where and what they can improve on. Work with them, don’t let them down or diss on them instead just tell them everything that can help them become better. Afterwards it is upto your friend to listen or not and build on their careers.

Try and Talk them into other career paths

Your friend a little sensitive and won’t take criticism well? Give them a little nudge into the other directions. Everyone is good at something. You should know what your friend is good at, talk to them about it and show them all the benefits of choosing that particular field of work. If “rap doesn’t work out what is your next option?” is a common question asked at this stage even to some great rappers. There is nothing wrong with having more career paths. It simply means more streams of incomes. So have a serious talk with them about what else they can and want to do with their lives.

Brutal honesty

Sometimes if you are close enough to your friend they really need the complete truth, no matter how rude it may seem. It comes down to would you rather your friend be criticised by just you or the whole world? Or would you want your friend aimlessly trying something they will never succeed in? Sometimes being honest with them is the right way to go. Calling them trash to their face may even inspire the person to rap better.

Don’t say anything and support them no matter what

Sometimes you just need to be quiet, let everything play out and support them. May be as time passes they will learn, grow and hopefully their music will be the key to their success. The words ‘support your friends no matter what’ is important and it is really put to the test when you don’t believe in what your friend is doing. So pass the test and be there for them. I mean if you don’t even believe in your friend, who will?

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