Everyone needs time to themselves sometimes. This is what Gold is all about. The artist wants to be left alone, he isn’t up for partying and going out at the moment. He simply isn’t in the mood for anything else. Yese may be trying to process and understand his emotions at this point, therefore he needs to be apart from the others. In terms of the background music, something about the chorus is catchy and gets you singing along.


Nightmare discusses the artist’s true feelings and fears behind this girl he loves. He is willing to go to lengths for this girl, because if she ever left him it would be a nightmare. Yese will hold his girl close and stick with her through anything. The background music reminds you of a Nintendo game, this may be indicating that he is living in a fantasy to avoid reality.

Smky Rbnsn

Yese is stuck between contradictory feelings in his song “Smky Rbnsn”. He is in love with a girl and can’t stop thinking about her, however he does not like how she treats him. She always does him wrong. Despite this, she has a hold over him. This mixture of emotions seems to be reflected even in the beat as everything blends together.


The beat at the start of Cold is daunting, there is something about it that makes you feel empty. This reflects the feelings of Yese who seems to be doing whatever it takes to be numb, i.e. drinking and smoking. Nothing to him matters anymore. Through the lyricism and music you feel the underlying pain of the artist that has brought him to this state, of almost giving up. This is a state that many people these days find themselves in, thus making it a relatable song.

Theo (feat. Salad and Swini)

“Theo” completely switches up the flow in comparison to the rest of the EP, it’s a little more upbeat. The artist seems to be starting break free from his pain and is starting to focus on his success and happiness.  The feature artists also provide a great contrast in vocals throughout the song.  Yese is now on the move, on the grind. Nothing can stop him!

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