The innovative mind of Jux Bravo shines through his newest music video Troopah, which incorporates a Super Mario themed world to capture the meaning of his song. Super Mario is a game that most individuals are familiar with. Therefore, the moment the video plays fans are automatically more connected and engaged with the content. The song itself is catchy and uplifting in nature, having the ability to change a person’s mood within moments. This combined with the video creates a nostalgic feel to the art, as the audience may be reminded of their childhoods (happy and playing Super Mario).

In addition to the animations on the video was cleverly thought out, such as the little bombs found in Mario detonating to create a little fire on the beach, romanticizing the scene between Mario and the princess. Everything was high-quality and professional, with many details accurately representing the game.

Each stage in the video has different concepts. It begins with Mario opening the doors to greet the princess. This potentially may even be a reference to him finally rescuing the princess from the castle. They then drive to the ‘beach world’ with the trap flowers and mushrooms in the background, as they drink, laugh and play games with the question mark box, which is eventually crushed to reveal the coins inside. Afterwards, they found themselves in the ‘haunted house’ with ghosts and the question mark box now has two joints for them to complement their drinks.

Subsequently, as the characters get ‘high’ the video becomes more chaotic. Everything becomes more trippy revealing the current mind state of Mario and the Princess. The fire may even represent the current physical situation the characters in, as things start to become heated between them.

The amalgamation of the song, video and game concepts is pure genius, everything flows consistently and the fact this is his first music video ever seems to be unbelievable. Everything simply seems to complement each other perfectly, making it a work of art that cannot be missed.

Check out the video below:

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