After drawing inspiration from major artists such as J.Cole, A Tribe Quest and Mac Miller, Derlis has released his new single “Wassup”.  The song has a catchy rhythm to it and the guitar in the background gives the vibe of a guy holding a guitar and singing to impress a girl as you see in movies.

The song begins with a flustered artist who is completely impressed by a girl and thinks she’s “hella fine,” thus he begins commenting on her physical appearance. However, he quickly realises how “rude” he may have appeared, he catches himself and starts speaking about how she makes him a better person. The chorus is simple, tuneful and memorable making it easy for anyone to happily sing a long in the car.

Within the next verse the artist starts to soften his voice into an almost whisper as if the girl he is speaking too is really there, making everything about the song more realistic. The background music also softens and trumpets start playing creating a romantic scene, as if they are in a movie. The artist really likes this girl, he’s not just trying to hit on her for the one night stand. He wants to get to know her and be part of her life as her man, no matter what comes there way. He understands that drama comes and goes, but he aims to stick by her side no matter what.

The song itself is overall cheerful, lifting your spirits instantly. It shows the growth from a crush where he feels a physical attraction for the girl, to really liking this girl and wanting to be in a relationship with her.

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