Swiftboi’s song “Bad Guy” starts with Tony Montana’s quote from the classic movie Scarface, setting the scene and mood for the song and depicting the artist as the “Bad Guy”. The song is catchy, but also has a bad-ass vibe to it. “Bad Guy” is full of straight bars with a real message, unlike many other hip-hop songs released today you actually listen to the song for the lyrical content rather than just the beat in the song. Swiftboi manages to touch on major issues within the song within a few succinct lines such as feminism and bullying.

No one can tell the artist what she can or cannot do because even in a male dominated industry Swiftboi has come to take over the game. She has been hit down and bullied in the past thus nothing can faze her anymore, she has a set dreams/goals she will conquer. She “didn’t give a fuck then” and she doesn’t “give a fuck now,” she’s just on a path to “winning.”

The song itself makes you feel strengthened and inspired, it gives hope to all those who have been repressed by society. Swiftboi is the boss of her life, she gives zero f**ks about those around her, authorities, she’s just “the bad guy..killin these flows.” Get inspired now and listen to the song.

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