‘2AM Thoughts’ is a reflection of the artists inner desires, flaws and characteristics. Melo’s idea of success revolves around having “more money than he can spend”. However, unlike others he does not want this money only for himself, but also for his mother and for his friends. Under his definition, friendship is based around people that believe in his dreams and support him through everything. Anyone else is off his list, as to him they are simply “pretends”.

The artist seems to be unstoppable. He is in his element. No matter who tries to bring him down, it won’t bother him, he will simply cut them off and keep grinding. The chorus “let me be your 2am thoughts”  indicates that the artist wants you thinking about him late at night because he has everything that you desire. That itself should be enough to keep you up at night.

Melo, however, has that one girl he genuinely wants to connect with again, this may be a representation of his own 2am thoughts. He has a “testament” of things to say to her, but every time he goes to type something he deletes it straight away. He then drowns in liquor to keep him in his zone.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YungMelo63/
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