Dense has an RnB soul vibe that is both calming and invigorating, due to the heavy emotional connection the listener gains when hearing the song and depth of the lyrics. The beat is simple, but powerful complementing the sensations the artists is evoking within the listener.

In the song the artist refers to treating their love “like a first born child” portraying the fragility of love itself. It can break at any time into many pieces which are hard to fix. You can also feel the rawness in his emotions towards this girl, through, not only his lyrics, but also the tone and mood in which he sings the song.

There is a depth to his love; he is not just in the honeymoon stage of his feelings where everything is light-hearted and perfect. He understands there will be problems, but he believes his feelings for her are strong enough for him to love her “till the end of [his] doom.” As mentioned the beat is simple, however it flows with the lyrics adding an unseen force and powerful energy. The beat and lyrics complement each other and make each other better just like the artist and his lover, they were made for each other.

No one and nothing can get between them. People talk, but he doesn’t care. As the name suggests their love is “dense”, seeing her smile and laugh is his biggest priority. They are both drunk in love overdosing on each other and they are “all they got,” so he isn’t letting her go.

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