Black Orchids is back with a high energy fusion of rap and electric trap in his newest single “Animal”. The song comprises of an amalgam of different sounds that merge together and create an animalistic vibe. The song instigates the feeling of a wild party night where everything is a haze. Everything is scattered, we as a listener have no idea what exactly is going on, as everything is just wildness.

The artist is partying and having the time of his life, but at the same time suddenly his subconscious peaks up and he starts reflecting on what is happening around him. He takes a moment to take a breath, preparing for himself for the rest of the night. Everything seems to be getting out of hand, you hear police sirens in the background, the artist is high, sweating out with wide eyes. He is an animal whiling out, acting on instinct.

The song in one word is craziness. It is almost overwhelming hearing and feeling what the artist is saying. You can’t help, but recognise your own animalistic tendencies coming out during the song. Credits to Gla$s, who is part of the “Lost Boy Gang” in Tasmania for the crazy good production.

‘Animal’ lives up to the expectations of the new wave hype, let’s just say “the mosh will be HEAVY”, so get on it asap!



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