Bank Account (by Jux Bravo and Dozie), begins with a melodic tune that seem both happy and out of a fairy-tale. This is completely contrasted by the vocals which start with the lyrics “fuck a fake friend”.

The world is full of fake friendships and people and the artist does not want to associate with these people nor worry about them, his focus is solely on the money. He’s been through the worst and now he knows his worth, thus nothing can stop him from grinding and collecting “the bands”. He wants to take over the world with his music.

Dozie then goes to speak on how everyone is fake, friend or foe thus trusting or committing to anything other than money is pointless. Girls are cheating on their man then acting like their loyal and everyone is just breaking each other’s trust, therefore you always have to “watch your back” and just make that money.

Anyone can relate to the song because everyone has been fucked over at least once in their life. This makes it an incredible song to simply jam too in the car or even in a party with friends.

Here is the song!

More about the artist Jux Bravo



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