LA Girl probes into the fundamentals behind real love and being a real woman. While most rappers now only rap about materialistic products, and bitches with fake tits and ass, Match Mckenzie does a full 360. Wanting a natural woman, not looking for just the fame “she will never, ever turn Hollywood on me.” The one he loves is one that chases her goals and the success through her hard work and grind.

Although, this girl is a stripper, she is different from the others. To her stripping is just a way to get money for tuition, she isn’t caught up in anything else. The artist sees this difference and that’s why his love for her is boundless.

The beat is both calming and serene and to accompany this, the vocals remain quiet soft, portraying the more emotional side of the artist and the sincerity behind his words. The authenticity of the whole song is what makes it so enrapturing; anyone that listens to it can’t help, but feel something while listening to it.

The song itself was produced by Yusei and the release date is to be released soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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