HMFA explores a range of different aspects in life through his EP YWSMIAHY. Each track is uniquely different and tells its own story. We not only see a part of the artist through his music, but his songs help us reflect on ourselves and make us question our own happiness and level of hard work.

The background music at the start of R.I.P reminds you of a rainforest creating a calming affect upon the listener. The artist then speaks about how life is “too fast to grasp”, thus he is determined to live every moment to the fullest. He wants to be different, unlike the sheep or “puppet[s]” that just follow the rules. Through his music he is determined to help himself and those around him through the everlasting pain and depression many go through. If we as an audience listen to him, he will guide us through life.

During Perspective we see that the artist can take on any challenge, simply because no one has seen the world like him. His perspective is clear and he is open-minded, thus nothing can touch him. He is not distracted by the little things that stresses others out because he has no time to waste, he is always working to make everything around him better. As a person, he just wants to have fun and embrace everything life has to offer, because he understands that life is simply a game he is in to play and win.

Ywsmiahy has a spacey, out of this world beat to it setting the mood for the song. Unlike many others HMFA is at peace with everything he writes simply because all his lyrics are the truth. The artist aims to speaks to his fans and connect to them through his music by keeping everything real. He remains in a positive mindset as his motto is “take the lesson, enjoy the blessing” when it comes to any struggle, thus he is able to stay “above the surface” no matter what tries to bring him down.

During Practice we see another side of HMFA, he speaks on real issues that those close to him are undergoing. One example would be his friend that doesn’t have a father and whose mother left him. During the song we see that the artist is not only working for himself, but to help those around him, which sets him apart from other rappers. HMFA will not stop practising until he gains success, becomes the best person he can and fulfils all his dreams of bringing those around him up with him.

In the beginning of Flares the artist asks what many see as the most important question of life “are you happy?”. From this we as a listener begin to wonder what really makes us happy. The artist then gives us insight into some of the things that give him happiness such as positive vibes and working towards his goals. He then goes onto warn those sleeping on him because he in the process of making the heat. He is on the constant grind, so not even fate scares him away from living his dreams.

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