You better “Pull Up” as J.Love drops a new single

J.Love has come back with his new track “Pull Up” featuring controversial rapper MLBRN and Jjay De Melo.

Pull Up delves into the struggles and hustle behind the rappers during their journey of coming to the top. The song talks about how these rappers are on the “come up”. Their everyday grind is incomparable to other rappers, therefore they “run the city.”

J.Love reflects on racial problems within the city as he works to gain the “crown”. His unique chorus brings the sound Melbourne desperately needs.

MLBRN talks about how although he has come up from the “dirt” he still hasn’t made it and will keep grinding till he gets to the top. He also touches on how he his raps are somewhat controversial thus “feelings be hurt” when he’s out. But the hate doesn’t faze him as he knows he will make it. Jjay’s illustrates how he is now on the come-up and with his everyday hustle he is now unstoppable. The music itself echoes a American Hip-Hop vibe. The single has a distinguished beat, vivacious rap and a vibey chorus that is incomparable to other songs.

Check it out on Spotify

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