Regular x Degular American Radio Hit

Match Mckenzie comes through with another hit single “Regular x Degular” currently playing on radio in America. As hip-hop music is starting becoming more simple sounds that tactical words Mckenzie comes through with his new that consists of clever lyrical notation with a witty blend of a ad-libs and a dope beat. Through Match Mckenzie’s raps we know he is destined for greatness as he brings real music back.

The single itself has an remarkable vibe to it, that anyone can move too. There is no question as to how it hit the radio!

The song delves into the love life of a rapper, who although is focused on the money, is distinct from other guys. He wants something real, but also does not want to rush into love because he is too focused on the grind.

The song also demonstrates the common attributes of women who generally have insecurities of their man is cheating, but the guy reminds her that she’s trippin’ and nothing like that is happening because he “ain’t your regular.”  This lyrics also demonstrate how a real woman does not want the money, they just want a man who is different to other boys and loyal.

Match Mckenzie is an unsigned works with, his team consists of Tokyio Shrymp x The Unpopular and Xyayx Studio. He is currently playing in Florida, Texas and NC promoting the track so be sure to check him out here!

The New York release is due in January along with the video.

Here is a preview:




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