Everything about 80grandlarge” screams ‘high life’, from its name, lyrics down to the beat. The song itself captures the feeling of entering fame and success, while the beat creates that living in a dream vibe. The song is both motivating and exhilarating as we are painted a picture of what it’s like to gain fame.

Enter the 90’s RnB world with “To The Moon” feat. Boosh. We are taken back in time as this song takes a different twist to the rest of the album. The song is highly sexualised, but has a head-bobbing and swaying feel to it. The mix of these two elements makes the song invigorating. It is almost refreshing to hear this change in pace and sound, which sets this song way apart from the rest of the album.

“KloudyAllSeason” with KdoeSlickkz literally makes you feel like you are “living in the cloud.” It recreates the feeling you get when smoking kush. Happy and chill. The song takes you to the cloud relieving your mind from any stresses that were previously weighing on your mind. It’s the best song to literally get high to as it compliments the feeling completely.

Grind, hard-work and sweat is all you can hear behind That’s Me with BoeGettinIt. Everything that happens to the artist happens due to all their hard work.  They did everything for themselves. Nothing can stop them now, they’re on everyday grind, while everyone is out sleepin’.

Fashion, is something highly regarded within the hip-hop industry. This subject is explored in “Off Brand”. The song displays the artist as someone who is always “fresh” and well-dressed in expensive clothing and thus he doesn’t associate himself with those that aren’t ‘fashionable’ or are “Off Brand.” This demonstrates the importance of “looking good” in the industry and being up to date with the fashion trends to be recognised. It is also a sign of wealth, (as the artist can afford expensive clothes he must be rich.)

To the haters, the “Big Ole Dummy” (with BoeGettinIt) here is the song for you. Now that the artist has made it, those around him are changing attitude real fast turning to jealousy and hatred, especially those who didn’t believe in him or tried to rip him off. These “dummies” can’t say anything anymore because they don’t have anything the artist from money to success.

“Rain Drops” is another song that is quiet different to  rest of the album, the beat blends chiming sounds with the rest of the music creating an almost rain drop effect which adheres to the title of the song. The song itself put simply is “groovy” and you can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what he’s talking about sometimes, just like he is feeling at the time where he’s either tripping or drunk.

As the name of the song indicates this song is about getting money (“Paper”). However this song isn’t only about money it also talks about people who won’t to be successful because they aren’t ready to put in the work. The artist is grinding hard everyday and  that’s why he is able to get that “Paper.” In other words, don’t be lazy and talk, do what you need to do to gain everything you want.

The keyboard behind this song “Heem” creates a futuristic vibe.  The song is similar to 80grandlarge as it touches on the rich life with “new whips”, clothes and girls. No one can touch him or bring him down because no one really effects him anymore. He is too high up for everything else.

“Muniton” has a spacey beat indicating an otherworldly scene this complements the lyrics “bitch I’m out your reach.” It exemplifies a world with an exuberant of money where everyone starts staring, caring and all the girls are suddenly paying attention to you. The artist is on a whole other level “sky high” because of his success and money.

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