Chris exposes the fragility and vulnerability of life through his track “Simple Things”. Nothing in life lasts forever, happiness, sadness, death, love, everything within this world is constantly changing, therefore overstressing about the present is simply counter-productive. Through the song, we realise that during these times it is important to appreciate the smaller aspects of life and be grateful for what we have.

In terms of the artist, no one was around him while he was struggling therefore, their words no longer faze him when he’s doing well. During the chorus just after he says “I let it go” the beat changes, creating a feeling of entering pure freedom as we listen to the song, some form of bliss enters our hearts as we hear it.

Chris will stop at nothing. 6/6 demonstrates his determination to take up every opportunity and risk that presents itself to him. He is fearful of the outcome, as he betting everything he has on this career path, but he is intent on fulfilling his dreams. He illustrates the notion that we need to work for everything we want to gain, thus rather looking to the sky for God, we should be looking at ourselves. We are the masters of our fate. He recognises that nothing is really a mistake, just a “happy accident”, therefore no matter how many times he feels like he is being beaten down he finds a way up again.

Due to social pressures many people to struggle to be their true selves most of the time. Chris aims to break this barrier.  Tattoos are the representation of the scars and pain that the artist has undergone. When revealing this scars, he is leaving himself vulnerable, and he willing to show this to people near or afar and is unafraid of the consequences. He urges people to simply be themselves no matter what.

Rainy Days delves into the darker times of the artist’s life, where he was struggling with barely anyone in his life. Depressive thoughts can be overwheming, however people need to be constantly reminded that there are people who care about them. The artist demonstrates this, stating how this should provide them with enough strength to to pick themselves up, keep their head up and smile. This strength will give them the ability to overcome anything.


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