Self Love: An imperfect perfection

Andre Jemal has shocked us, going completely against his normal style of music with his latest EP “Self Love”, but we love it!


Myself is a self-reflection song. The artist seems to be unhappy of his current status, as he doesn’t seem to be where he wants to be, financially. Thus, his mission is to grind; “chase a hundred grand, chase another band”, stacking up enough cash until he is at the position he wants to be.

In saying this, despite his unhappiness, he seems to be enjoying life at certain moments. The most prevalent times would be when he pops open bottles. Liquor seems to be his comfort during hard times, allowing stolen moments of happiness during his life. It calls into question whether alcohol is an escapism of the reality he is currently living in.

Notice Me

Notice Me is the perfect friend-zone song. You ever been clearly in love with someone, but there seems to be a gap between you that you can’t break through? Yes? Then this song is for you.

No matter what the artist does, he doesn’t seem to get the attention of the girl he loves. He wants to give her the world, taking her to many different countries. However, to her he’s just a “homie”. This saddens the artist, as he clings onto hope that one day he will have her. This is especially apparent when he says “I just need more time, maybe she will be mine.”

One may even state that the artist’s desire is delusional as he wishes for a girl he can never have.


Rollin is an upbeat love song describing the commitment the artist has towards his girl. Everything about her makes him simply better, so he isn’t interested nor does he need anyone else. Furthermore, he simply understands this girl; from her sexual desires to the core subliminal actions she does that defines her personality.

Everything about Rollin just makes you understand the dedication Andre has to this one girl, leaving many longing for this form of love.

Loved (feat. Santi)

This sound is very experimental and alternative to the usual style the artist performs. The song demonstrates the amalgamation of emotions Andre feels around the person he loves.

It almost reminds you of the high school honeymoon period of love, where he is completely entranced by his love “buzzing like a bumblebee” and is a little nervous as he wants to impress her to the point she “remembers” him.

In saying this, he believes in them as a couple, he knows he can hold her down and create a long-lasting relationship between.

Santi the feature artist is devoted to his girl, not only in terms of loyalty, but also when it comes to making her happy. He loves seeing her smile and will do everything to spoil her; from five-star hotels to diamonds. In saying this, his girl isn’t one to just enjoy all the spoils. She works just as hard. They grind together.

The fact that the two artists described how they felt about their love in such similar ways, yet with stark differents illustrates how people experience the same emotion in so many alternative ways with many similarities. It also highlights how all relationships have different perspectives.

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