Swift-boi is known for her quirky style and performances. She strives to set herself apart from the generic crowd, establishing her name and identity. Her performance at Korova Milk Bar was no different. She handled the stage effortlessly and each song was unique from one another.

Her first song was “Bad Guy” it had an uncaring, sassy and strong vibe, that complemented her lyrical message. Swiftboi portrayed this vibe through her confidence on stage. This song was an unreleased single, so the audience was given an exclusive preview of the song that is said to drop in May!


Next performed was “Some Kind of Monster” (link below) this song is undeniably dark, corresponding to the title name. Swiftboi daringly looks everyone in the eye as she performs this song. She moves forward towards and motions towards the crowd demonstrating her fearlessness in uncovering the monsters within and around her.

Finally, Swiftboi performed “Head Check Tango” leaving the crowd on a lighter note after the intensity of the rest of the songs. There is no questioning that Swiftboi kills tongue twists in her rap. Her stage presence remained to be empowering as she was standing strong with confidence throughout the song!

To see a female rapper get up there and be herself in such a male dominated industry is empowering. Can’t wait to see what more is in store!

The last two tracks mentioned were from Swiftboi’s album “Honey Trap”. See below to check it out!

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