First Step creates a hopeful outlook as Mr. A The Martian takes his “first steps” into his journey in music. As a listener we are introduced the path the artist took as he entered the music realm and we discover all his inspirations and the people he met during this voyage, which influenced his decisions to become who he is today. The song makes us reflect on all the people we have encountered in life and the different paths we took due to the influence of those around us, and inspires to learn from it and grow further,

The artist talks about his growth through his song Uphill and his improvement in music. Now, nothing can stop him as he flows through rhymes and rises through every obstacle. He also demonstrates his gratification for his fans and to those who supported him, promising to never let them down. The beat is simple, and his verses are clear, giving us the ability to really listen to his lyrics and find meaning in what the artist is saying, rather than nod our heads aimlessly to something we don’t even understand. It is refreshing as a listener.

Tough is the song that will uplift you no matter how dreadful your day was. It brings up hope to a heart that seems void. Mr. A The Martian speaks on his own experience of once being in the same place until he found the one that lifted him up and pushed him into achieving his dreams. We can’t help but be humbled through his words as he recognises those around him for his accomplishments rather than speaking of how he made it himself. The beat also complements this uplifting song, as hope surges within us, the beat seems to steer us into really believing we can act on everything we are feeling. On a cloudy day make sure to bang this song on repeat.

Lone Nights (feat. Fjer) has a calm feel to it, however as the beat starts to fasten, we start to feel on edge. The song itself makes us feel like we are missing something, however we can’t exactly comprehend what it is. Although, there are not many words in the song, just like a picture, the music itself says a thousands words. It is the perfect song to just vibe to on a chill night.

The beat is both daunting and daring in Warning Signs as the background is similar to almost a church choir in a horror movie. We notice the crazy smart bars from the start such as:

“Because this is me, myself and I

And the third does speak with an image in the line”

The song is cinematic, with the background music and the artist speaking of his rise, we can picture this in a movie where someone who was broken is finding his success. The song both inspires and motivates us to do more and push ourselves to greatness just as the artist is doing.

HIYA goes out of the norm of a 3-4 min song, by hitting over 7 minutes. However, this simply adds to the artist’s uniqueness and ability to step out of the box and vary his song times from 1-7 minutes. The song begins with almost haunted background music (with ticking clocks and drum rolls) leaving us slightly on edge as we don’t know what more to expect from the song. However, this quickly flips and the song takes a turn with upbeat, fast-paced music, instantly lifting our spirits. Through the song the artist thanks his supporters, making them feel special for being part of his journey. After the final verse the music starts to fade and we expect it to end however, the artist brings the chorus back leaving us in high spirits.

The EP itself was so intriguing simply because of how well the artist varied his style and how different each song was. Nothing in each song was even similar, whether it be the timing, the beats or even how the vocals sounded. The bars also flowed easily and as we moved from song to song we feel like we were going on a journey with Mr. A The Martian himself. Don’t miss out. Listen to the album below!

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