Top of the World

Top of the World starts with a dope as little guitar segment. You would definitely not guess it is a rap song at the beginning. This ability to cross genres makes the song unique. The song reaps positivity as Fungai speaks on how he started and where he is now.

Rap was something that was part of him since a young age, in fact he started spitting bars at 8 years old. Since then he has worked on his craft and shaped himself aiming for perfection. Fungai is the type of person who will fight for what he believes in and music is one of those aspects. He kept fighting and now he is on ‘top of the world’.

My Lady ft Farizone

Soulful is the perfect word to describe the song. My Lady encompasses passion, emotion and depth revealing to us our upmost to desire to be loved and cherished. When we listen to the song we can’t help, but want everything the artist is saying he will give in our lives, as we are beings that crave the attention and warmth from others.

In a society where rap is beginning to lose meaning, both Fungai and Farizone use deep lyrical content within the song to remind us what true love really is. Fungai is not looking for a ‘one night’ girl, he wants her till his “hairline recedes”. He wants to be there through the worst and best times of her life and he will always be there to wipe her tears away when she needs someone.  The artist understands that love is about working together and doing things that each other love (even if one of the partners does not like it), this is portrayed as he says “I will even sit and watch Pretty Little Liars”.

The artists’ set themselves apart in hip-hop in every aspect in this song, the most explicit way being the way they address the girl they love. Most rap songs refer to girls as ‘hoes’ or ‘bitches’; however in this case the artists want their lovers to be their “Lady”, not only illustrating their love for their girl, but also their respect; which is imperative for a long-lasting relationship.

The melodic nature and lyrics of the song make even the most cold-hearted person long for the love that is described in the song


The start of the song has an almost futuristic sound, drawing people in from the start. This song can be said to be a crowd favourite. From the start you can hear the influence of the rap god’s such as Lil Wayne in his lines. He then does a major switch up and his tempo increases greatly in speed. Getting you to question, does he even take a breath?

The song is full of bars such as “got em taking L’s man like their name’s was Meek” and it talks about his lyricism, success and uniqueness. Something about the song also has a 90s vibe to it. The mixture of different tempos and sounds creates diversity within the song, making it much more interesting.

Be Me

“Be Me” seems to be a more personal song for the artist. Many people do whatever it takes to be accepted by those around them. However, Fungai is set on being himself despite any backlash he may receive. No one can box him in. He also explains how as a Christian rapper he is constantly stereotyped, but that doesn’t faze him, he will never change his style. He wants to change the world with his faith and words. Nothing will ever make him sell out. The song as a whole emphasizes the importance of being yourself, as it is what makes us unique.


The start of this song is almost chilling, it’s a sound that you would most likely hear in a thriller movie. So, the listener goes into this with slight goosebumps on their arms. There is some form of depth even in the artist’s voice in this song, maybe because his voice seems slightly lower, which complements the beat.

The artist discusses his blessings (as the name suggests) during the song. He also talks about his faith, love and view on relationships. Fungai doesn’t have time for “string along’s”, the girl must be either 100% in or completely out. Commitment to himself, the people around him and his faith is what makes him strong.

Next Time

This song has the perfect PartyNextDoor feel to it at the beginning. He then switches up a little and the beat becomes slightly up tempo. This contrasts with the pain and hurt the artist speaks on about his girl that he seems to not want to let go of. However, the beat and lyrics start to complement each other right after this as he breaks free of this girl who seems to be holding him back. Maybe next time things will change she will put him first and treat him better, but right now that isn’t happening.

The artist also warns people not to get caught up in social media and lose the meaning of love because second chances don’t happen very often. The rap and singing chorus combination is also straight fire. This song seems to be one of the most underrated singles on the EP.

All I Need (feat. Daramola)

Bringing that almost Reggae and 90s hip-hop vibe this song is perfect for dancing. Everything about it is just chill and happy, with the ability to take you out of any bad mood you are in. The song itself is a love song with the artist speaking on all the amazing adventures he has planned out for them and how much they could accomplish together. It is also one of those songs that just gives you hope in love again.

This, coupled with the catchy chorus sung by Daramola making it something you need in your summer playlist. Have it pumping out of your car with the windows down as all of your friends sing and dance to it in the car.

Check out the EP here:


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