The Get Down 5

By Sangeetha Vipulananda

One of the only events in Melbourne paying their artists to perform and supporting the every-growing hip-hop scene.

In the heart of the CBD, the hidden talents of hip-hop artists come to life within the fall walls of a small bar, called Horse Bazaar. Last week The Get Down launched its 5th successful event attracting an impressive crowd on the night. Each performance was a unique experience, each artist bringing their own style to the stage. There was no way someone could walk in without witnessing an act they weren’t impressed by.

Avii’s exquisite voice left the audience captivated at her each word. Her songs combine a sense of tranquillity and power. Thus, the crowd could not help swaying as they were entranced into serenity as she performed.

While watching Emerald you can’t help but think ‘does she breathe?’. It’s fascinating watching her spit bar after bar without catching a breath. Her lyrics are both raw and authentic, uplifting the audience as she shouts her rhymes.

The crowd went wild as Krown lit up the stage with his fire bars. Hyped up on his rhymes and remarkable stage performance, the audience was jumping up and down to the beat, hypnotised at every bar he spits.

Mistress of Ceremony seems to be able to spit a rhyme over anything. We were amazed as she rapped over the beat-box of her DJ. Her stage presence was enthralling as her confidence and power exuded off her.

For the real vibes you have to watch SoulE perform. His songs dig into your emotional side, making you not just listen but feel every word he says, whether it be happiness or pain. This rawness invigorates the audience, as we are introduced to a new and unique style of rap.

Don’t forget to also look out for Verbal Tactics and Jorja, unfortunately we did not catch their acts, but I am sure they will be catching waves in the future.6.jpg7

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