People started piling in through the doors as the first acts started at Horse Bazaar on the 17th of February.  The night was an overall success with amazing acts and a really supportive crowd. There are real gemstones in Melbourne music and the Get Down never fails to find them.

Nzym opened the night for us with some banging bars, setting the standards high for the other rappers of night, as an audience you could tell all his music was real and straight from the heart from the way he performed it.


What made Teepz Musik’s performance different from the rest was the amount of supportive energy he brought to the stage. Not only did he give recognition to the people who arranged the event, but also he brought up his own and made sure they got a voice on the stage, exposing the crowd to even more hidden talent within the city. He also engaged with the crowd making us contribute to his performance as we chanted words after him, exciting us for the rest of the night.


The connection between MC Wasp and DJ Dopebeat is amazing, as we watch them on stage they simply synchronise, making the music flow effortlessly. The crowd can’t help, but to automatically bob their heads to their catchy vibe. There was no skipping a beat with these guys, they spit bar after bar without one hesitation or hiccup, needless to say this made it all the more engaging. Both artists have been growing rapidly with their musical content and its easy to see as each show progresses.

MC Wasp and Dopebeat

P-Unique’s performance was emotionally encapsulating, we felt her powerful message, through lyrical content of her songs. As the “Queen of Colour” she killed the stage, speaking on issues that many are afraid to face. We felt her struggle and her strength, as she embraced everything about herself and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it, inspiring everyone to do the same. What makes her so intriguing is her impenetrable demeanor. P-Unique also shared some of her unreleased music, which we are excited to hear over the upcoming months.


Serenity literally moves us with her words, there is an atmosphere around her that makes us connect with her the moment she starts singing/rapping.  She recreates that blissful vibe, making us forget our problems at least for the length of her set. The artist’s voice is serene which complements her name, but there is also an intensity to her music that cannot be explained in words, due to the resilience in her lyrics. She seems to be an unstoppable force against anyone trying to destroy her happiness.


Krown’s stage presence is something else. His confidence and non existent fear to speak about real issues is something that makes him both dominating and intriguing. Krown calls us to wake up from our illusions and recognise the deep problems our society is facing. He then questions us asking “are we living” making us re-evaluate our life and motivating us to do more! This is what makes his performances so dynamic. He doesn’t just perform, he enlightens and inspires us.


Furthermore, Issa Rap would love to give a massive shout out to Deets Flicks for making this night possible and giving a place for our local rappers to shine. Another aspect that makes this night so unique is the amount female rappers that are brought to the stage balancing out the over dominating masculinity in the hip-hop industry.

Photo/Video credit: Happy Pix Studio and Deets Flicks

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