Earlier on this year, the Get Down Events posted a photo on their Instagram feed, inviting people to vote for the artists they want to see in the next Get Down, and the people spoke. The Get Down chose the top 6 males and 6 females and that is how the very first ‘People’s Choice’ was born.

The crowd kept filling in throughout the night, as people came to see these 12 amazing acts kill it on the mic.


Meduza, simply has a dope as attitude and atmosphere around her. She is unique in a crazy fun way, that attracts many people to her music. Her performance on the night was no different, as her deep lyrical content kicked off the night, getting the crowd ready for a range of diverse and amazing acts for the night.


Stazi and SVBER

Stazi and SVBER killed the performances, during the Get Down. They kept the bars going on throughout the show, keeping people wondering if they actually took a breath during some of their songs. The duo was not only about a dope beat, but their lyricism made sure that everyone that watched them not only nodded to the beat, but actually listened to the song.


Black Shades and Arrogance

As the name suggests the rap duo had black shades and arrogance when they hit the stage, and the crowd loved it. Everyone’s phones were up filiming at one stage of the performance as the two MC’s killed their bars on stage, not forgetting to keep the crowd engaged at any moment. One would never guess that this was their very first live gig.




There is no denying Ali has a unique voice coupled with a bad bitch attitude. Her ‘I don’t give a fuck attitude’ is one that is admirable and motivating for those watching. She seems unafraid to be on stage and simply be herself, not only leaving the audience more comfortable in their own skin, but also leaving them thrilled at such a great performance.


China feat. Mog Y

We understand why this girl was named ‘China’, when she came up on stage with her stunning red dress. Her and her partner Mog.Y, complemented each other as one sang and the other rapped, hyping the crowd up watching how well they simply just synced. Both of them had talent there is no denying that, which was why the crowd was engrossed in the show.



If you have ever been to Jorja’s show, you know her stage presence is one that people generally can’t take their eyes off. With her amazing voice, dance moves and seductive undertones, she seems to be someone that cannot be forgotten after a gig. She was joined by YungJuieboxx whose raps complemented her amazing voice.


Fungai aka Coolest Rapper Ever

Who’s got the Juice? Well, it seems like Fungai did during his crazy performance that involved throwing juice boxes at the crowd, which seemed to please everyone. I mean who doesn’t like free juice? Fungai knew exactly how to work the crowd with his hyped, lyrical content, kept everyone on their toes throughout the whole performance. His songs were catchy, savvy and just made you feel good no matter what state you were in! Did I mention there was free juice?



With his ‘The Weeknd’ and Tory Lanez RnB vibes, JSPA is a musician that many people quickly fall in love with even if they don’t know him. This night was no different. Everyone was just vibing with his sound and performance throughout the show, especially as he performed his most popular song “Pull Up On You”, getting everyone hyped up on a whole other level.



The Real King Ace

The Real King Ace, conquered the stage as he brought up his whole squad and really put on a show. The crowd was hyped from the minute he started. Everything about that performance, just gave you newfound energy as the crowd remained jumping to the beat and the bars, that the boys were spitting during the night.



Serenity’s performances are always calming yet invigorating. There is something about her energy that keeps the crowd’s eyes on the stage. The fact she can spit some hard bars then switch up and sing an alluring RnB kind of song, makes her that much more talented and engaging when she is on stage.  She is everything her name says she is, composed, tranquil and calming.



Slim’s rap’s in one word were just ‘hard’. He spits bar after bar, getting the crowd’s attention from the minute he started. Everyone could not help, but move to his music, whether it be a simple head bob or jumping to the beat. Even though he was the last performance, his music and stage presence were enough to keep the room engaged.


Shout-outs also to Happy Pix Studios for all the amazing images and too all the DJ’s on the night, especially to DJ Iced who was on stage for most of the night and kept the night running with no hiccups. Also, to the host MCWasp who made sure every artist and DJ got the recognition they deserved.


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