Here are the Top 25 Australian Hip-Hop Songs for 2018. These are in NO particular order. We have aimed to include a mixture of both well-known and underground artists that you need to listen too, based on pure talent. Want to listen to the songs, while you read this blog? Or do you need the best songs saved? Here is a playlist already curated for you.

Fuego – Manu Crooks (feat. Anfa Rose)

“Fuego” is one of Manu Crook’s hit songs, and that’s completely understandable. The high-quality visuals, flow and lyrics all complement each other like perfection. There is very little room to dislike this song and that’s why it had to make the charts.

Bandit – Vic August (feat. Figuero Jones)

Vic August had a great year in 2018 with the release of his album Glass House 2. There is no denying the artist has talent, with all his amazing songs, but his earlier track “Bandit” (feat. Figuero Jones) is one that stood out the most.

7 (Remix) – Andre Jemal (feat. Muggz, J.Love and Yung Baddie)

Completely underrated are two words that come to mind when listening to this song. Andre with three majorly talented features, there is no denying the ingenious lines that are endowed within each verse of the “7 (remix)”. Combined with a fresh beat, this song was made to be huge. 

Block Hotter – Ecosystem x Jaye (feat. Kae The Goat)

From 66 records these artists are beginning to consolidate their image in Melbourne. With creatively edited visuals, the artists take us to the new-age sound of rap, that is both catchy and innovative. This song perfectly depicted this style, which is why they landed on the charts.

High – Manuxella (feat. Jaye)

Manuxella has the voice of an angel. In her song “High” this talent simply shines. The song encompasses lyrics that are relatable to almost all females, helping them connect to the song on a more personal level. The feature Jaye killed his verse and created a refreshing distinction from Manuxella’s voice.

Come Clean – Anfa Rose

There is a dark seductive force behind this song that is completely alluring. As Anfa Rose confesses all his sins, the listener can’t help but be captivated by his voice, the production and the song overall.

WOW – Kwame

Kwame is a much-loved hip-hop artist in Australia, his flows, image, and music are all aspects that we most are drawn too. “WOW” didn’t disappoint with crazy bars that not only highlights, but emphasises the rapper’s talents. 

Don’t Talk – Young Jaycee

“Don’t Talk”, entails bars full of realism. The artist exposes the fakeness within the industry, with everyone following others like “sheep”. The song made the charts due to its creative flow and pragmatic views on life.


Have you seen how well these artists are doing? And there is no question why. Each song made by these artists is a complete jam. Everyone has been through love and everyone has been through heartbreak. “Sober” perfectly catches those emotions in its lyrics. This relatability makes it a crowd favourite. 

Caution – Sophiegrophy (feat. Jia Lih)

Sophiegrophy has been making noise in Australia for a while now. 2018 was an amazing year for her with hit tracks such as “Bag” and “Caution”. “Caution” hit the charts due to its innovative sound, in terms of both the beat and melody. Plus, everyone knows Sophiegrophy is an amazing rapper. 

It Is What It Is – J.Love

It Is What It Is is one of the most catchy hip-hop songs out there. I mean “it is what is it.” With his clever lyricism and cute dog in his music video, the song was made to win the hearts of fans from the start. 

Let Us Live – Krown

Krown plays an important role in the Australian scene for exposing the mistreatment of his people within the country. Along with his brand Military Mind, he stands to make a change for his own people and represent his culture. This song is a clear indication of this as he fights against the negative imagery the media places against them. 

Effort – P-Unique

Making moves since she started her rap career with Queen of Colour, P-Unique came out with her single “Effort”. It is both ingenious and uplifting, how she talks about both her grind and culture in pride.  

All I Need – Fungai (feat. Daramola)

The perfect summer song. That’s the best way to describe this. “All I Need” is groovy, happy and overall the perfect vibe. Have your windows down, increase the volume and start jamming. 

Origins – The Eggman

The Eggman is known for his quirky style, with lyrics that open the listener’s eyes to the realities of the world. He also adds his own personal feelings to the song, this humane relationship with his lyrics, helps people connect with his music on a deeper level.

4 Deep In The Suburbs – Kudzai

“4 Deep In The Suburbs” was an important song for 2018, simply due to the awareness it brought to many people of the injustice his people were undergoing. The song quickly gained national recognition with many media companies such as ABC, promoting the song, the artist and his message.  

Pull Up On You – JSPA (feat. Alysha Sarina)

JSPA has the voice that simply draws people in, and “Pull Up On You” was the best representation of this. It is both seductive and enticing, as his vocals seamlessly blend in with his feature artist Alysha Sarina. This song is a definite crowd favourite every time it is performed. 

Grey – Buddy Ryan

This artist deserves way more recognition than he is currently receiving. “Grey” hits you straight in the heart, you can literally feel the darkness and ache echoing through his voice, which adds to the realness of his music.  Mark our words he will blow up soon. 

Police Man – Svveet T (feat. Andre Jemal)

The best thing about Svveet T is that he doesn’t fit any form of mould or style of other rappers. He just does what he loves and makes people smile. This is what makes his music perfect. The comical song “Police Man” is completely entertaining as Svveet T and his feature artist Andre tell a humorous story of being caught by the cops. 

Rebirth – Ark-A (feat. Maya)

Ark-A always aims to connect with his listeners on a spiritual level. In “Rebirth” he expresses his personal emotions such as pain, love, and emptiness, which is something that resonates with everyone. This song is one not to be missed. 

Foreigner – Reun

The new rap crew Reun is starting to make their name in Brisbane. Their debut track “Foreigner” is one that exposes the benefits of being in a group. Each artist sounds different, but still their voices fit the song. This makes the style of the song more diverse and different, while the beat of the song has some form of magnetism to it. 

Cut – Webby

Webby’s sound is simply one that is unique. His song “Cut” held that distinction. He speaks on heavy topics such as his loyalty and his addictions, which why this song is so significant.

The Bad Guy – Swiftboi

This song represents an unstoppable bad-ass, who can’t be brought down no matter how many people try to kick them down. A powerful and uplifting song for those who feel like they have been beaten. Despite all barriers, Swiftboi aims to push through and that’s what makes her inspiring. 

Grind UP! – J.B.T

It is not long, but it is packed with epic content. Bar for bar J.B.T doesn’t catch a breath. It literally seems like nothing can stop his flows, as his skillful lyricism takes over.

More Money – Gucciboi x Ecosystem x GS Phantom

66 records is bringing the heat again. “More Money” is the perfect representation of the new wave of rap music, all three artists completely bodied there verses on this track, as a listener you can’t help, but bang your head to the beat. If you are in the mood of turning up this is the song to play. 

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