Types of Rappers. Which one are you?

1. The hype man

The hype man is the rapper that jumps on stage and gets the crowd going. They will jump at every opportunity given and will most likely make you throw your hands up about 5 times a song. They are fun to watch, however some of their songs are purely for entertainment not depth.


2. The RnB rapper

This kind of rapper is not only spitting some great bars but also has an amazing voice. They constantly have the girls swooning at how amazing they are and most of their songs are love songs, while guys are trying to pretend they don’t like these rappers to seem ‘hard’, but they are actually in love with them.


3. The underrated rapper

We all know an underrated rapper. They are completely amazing and blow your mind. They are also in your opinion better than 90% of the people who are famous, but somehow they aren’t successful yet and you simply don’t understand why. All their music has bars and depth and they simply need to be recognised by the right person soon!


4. The crowd rapper

Contrastingly, we all also know a rapper who simply can’t rap, but tries too. Sometimes their is accepted into hip-hop because they have lots of friends i.e they bring a crowd to the bar. These rappers are known as crowd rappers and their success is based on popularity rather than talent.

5. The bitches and money rapper

The type of rapper that only raps about two thing. Yep you guessed it – bitches and money.  These rappers are similar to the hype man because these words generally get the crowd hyped up however, their raps are shallow and after a few songs all the bars and lyrics get repetitive, thus most of them often die out pretty easily.


6. The auto-tune rappers

These rappers auto-tune everything. In trying to re-create the T-Pain and/or Travis Scott vibe, some of them go overboard to the point that the song would actually sound better without auto-tune. These rappers as you can imagine sometimes struggle to perform live because their voices are completely different.


7. The deep rapper

Deep rapper’s are the ones that have lyrics that really hit you. It’s the ones where you are like “damn I feel that on a whole other level.” These rappers you can relate on a personal level and end up playing their songs over and over again for those iconic lines that hit you deep. Usually when they perform you are jumping up and down and screaming their lyrics, but also holding back tears as every line they say gets to you. Sadly, a lot of the time (not always) they go hand-in-hand with the underrated artists.



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