Vibe X Interlude International Music Video

By Sangeetha Vipulananda


It was Andre Jemal’s biggest dream to go to Japan. It was his determination and drive that led him to shooting a music a video there. Working with a talented team, Ken Oshima and Jordan Kelker, Andre brings to life his latest single Vibe X (Interlude). Andre explains that this song “is not an interlude for any projects that I’m dropping, this is an interlude for the stand-still of my music and how I was feeling at the time.”


In the video, both the actor and actress are separated, indicating a broken relationship and through the lyrics of the single we gain knowledge of how Andre is reminiscing on his past relationship leaving him in conflicting emotions of both frustration and love. This induces a painful ache the viewer.


However, the audience also cannot help but feel intrigued at the fusion of stunning city lights and abandoned alleyways in Japan, through trippy transitions. The play with varied effects and meaning in the overall product leaves us with juxtaposing feelings of exhilaration and longing.

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