Vision – Boy Cursed OUT NOW!

Set in the iconic streets of Melbourne, Boy Cursed has come out with his latest video for “VISION”. He delivers flows on flows, barely catching a breath, one may wonder how to even keep up. But if you do sit down and listen, you will really hear some of the unique bars he is spitting.

The song illustrates the confidence the artist has in himself. He is at a good place and is content. All that is left for him is to keep rising. He aims to keep focused, cut out any distractions or snakes and gain the success he wants.

Throughout the music video you see the artist switch between different versions of himself; with different clothing, hairstyles and overall looks. This could be an interpretation of him in his different stages of life, from the rough, to where he is now, to his successful days or even can be seen as his differing personalities.

The song is perfect to listen too simply as a motivation or a kick-starter for your day to get you in the right mindset for your daily grind.

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