We all go “Way Back” with ArockSoGodly’s new single

ArockSoGodly is back with his new track “Way Back” and it goes hard. This track exudes fierceness. This, mixed with a beat that sends chills up your spines, leaves the listener indestructible, as if nothing affects them now.


Through the song we see the artist’s emotionless aura as he pushes past everybody, with his mind focused on what he really needs. As he says “shawty wanna fuck, but it’s too late for that” we are revealed to his heartbreak/girls that he can no longer care about. Also, he understands that even though he has been “double-crossed” they won’t “make it back”. Thus he is unfazed by everyone who tries to bring him down.


The main focus is the money and nothing will get him off those tracks, as he settles into his life as a rapper.

Listen to the song on Soundcloud

And check him out here

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