What You Missed At The Get Down: Leaders Of The New Skool

AG Johnson

AG’s performance was emotionally moving, as she covered songs from some of our ultimate favourites such as Lauryn Hill. She also stunned us with her original song that was both groovy and catchy instantly uplifting the mood of every one in the crowd. No one can deny how incredible and soulful her voice was. You could not tell she was new to scene, she had the crowd’s attention from the beginning.

Cease Sim

With people singing along to some of the artist’s song, Cease Sim brought a diverse array of his own original music to the stage. His authenticity and melodic flow is one that kept his performance exciting. With Cease Sim’s music what you hear in his recorded songs, is what you get live. This ability to perform just as exceptionally in a live setting is rare and further elevates his talent as an artist.

Andre Jemal

Andre Jemal’s performance in one word was ‘hype’. He tricked the crowd by saying he was going to sing a love song to his girlfriend, then instead played a song they made together and everyone in the crowd couldn’t get enough, jumping up and down, while chanting the chorus “you ain’t shit”. Since then the crowd’s energy was on another level. The artist wasn’t afraid to experiment with his songs, combining rap, singing and different sounds/tones throughout his performance. He also was determined to set himself even further apart from other performances by doing a shoey. Despite the initial protests of the crowd he went for it, and the crowd began chanting “you ain’t shit” again keeping the show alive.

Sin Santos

Sin Santos wasn’t afraid to completely engage with the audience to the point he even jumped down and created his own stage in the crowd. People who know Sin Santas, know he lyrically he can tackle any beat. There is depth to his character that clearly translates to his songs. You could tell the audience really felt his music and began relating to the artist on a personal level.

Trixx William

After Trixx’s exciting win at Coast To Coast we see him hit the stage at this Get Down and he did not fail to impress. He spits bar to bar barely without catching a breath and cleverly uses plays on words to get his message across. One would say Trixx’s performance was intense and intriguing as the crowd was bombarded with content they really had to think about.

Rydah and Adrian Swish

The Get Down is now bringing in international acts. Rydah’s distinct British accent is one that was unique to the show. Rydah and Adrian Swish are like a dynamic duo when it comes to rapping there are talents are one that cannot be missed. It doesn’t end there! They also brought up female rapper Mkada who killed the stage with her amazing stage presence and vibes.

Further credits

Videography: Deets Flicks

Photography: Happy Pix Studio

Host: MC Wasp

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