Why does everyone around you seem to be rappers nowadays?

When we look up at famous rapper lifestyles we become enraptured by everything they flaunt. The money, the jewellery, the girls. A lot of people dream for this lifestyle, but many of them didn’t pursue it before because getting into a record label was very hard. Now this is changing for a number of reasons.

  1. Absence of a middle man

We no longer need a record label to become successful. In fact many artists only sign to a record label after gaining some fame for themselves, so that they have more freedom when negotiating the terms of the contract. This is because we now have so many services to upload music such as YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud. One hit song on any of these platforms  can kick-start a rappers career. This is also why we are seeing a movement of Soundcloud rappers coming up. Due to the rise of the digital age and streaming, CD’s are now something of the past, thus no money needs to spent, and no one is needed to help your song become globally available.


2. Easier to make music

It is so much easier to make music nowadays. No need for the fancy studio with expensive equipment, people are making hit songs in their garage. After the arrival of programs such as Pro Tools most music is made simply using a laptop. This means less money needs to be spent to make music, so record labels are needed for funding and more people have the chance to become artists.

Furthermore, with auto-tune programs now available to anyone to use, anyone can literally become a rapper, whether they have the voice for it or not. This created a whole new wave of auto-tune rap in 2017.


3. Social Media

Promoting music is now easier than ever. You don’t need the special connections that record labels had with people to get you famous. It is easier to build these connections ourselves. Also getting your video ‘out there’ can be done with a click of a button, you don’t need to go through a process to share your video like you had to do get your CD’s in a shop. It’s fast, cheap, easy and global, meaning more people are doing it.



There are positives and negatives to more people coming into the hip-hop music industry. The ease of making music means more undiscovered talent can be heard, it also means artists can follow their own style without adhering to the record labels rule or sound they are looking for. However, with more people able to make music there is more noise on social media, and many amazing artists are being pushed down, while some less creative artists are blowing up. However, this is a discussion for another blog.

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