We in are now in a time where a lot of people are moving into entrepreneurship, trying to build their own business, follow their dreams and be their own boss. We are also seeing a flux of people becoming hip-hop artists and rappers. However, many of these artists are not getting to the success goal they aim for and many end up quitting half way. There are many reasons for this, but some include; lack of patience, not seeing art as a business and letting a tiny buzz get to your head too easily.

  1. Patience

To be the master of anything in the world you need practice and to get that practice you need patience. If we could become the best at everything overnight we would all be stars. Many do recognise this, but fail to apply it in their own life. For example, as an hip-hop artist you drop a few songs, but if it doesn’t perform as well as they want it too they become disheartened and start to give up. A lot of these artists don’t realise many of the artists that are famous today dropped so many songs to get where they are now, and they were working day and night tirelessly for the perfect sound for the beat for each song. A few songs isn’t going to help you master your craft. Yes, there are those overnight one-hit wonders that become famous over one song, but these rappers are either forgotten, or have to continue making lots of songs in order to not be forgotten. Either way you have to be patient and work hard over a long period of time to get to the lasting success you want.


  1. Music is a business

Music is a business. Those who don’t see it like that are going to fail. The problem with many artists is that they think if their voice is amazing and their music is great, people will see it and their talent will be found, and lastly they will become successful. However, these days there is so much more to music than just talent. You have to know how to market right, know what the consumer wants and how to engage people and get them to share your content. Sales and promotion should be in your mind, just as much as making the music when you start out your new album or single. Many people don’t see this and consequently, lots of great artists fail.


3. Thinking once you have a buzz you’ve hit success

The long-lasting successful artists are those who keep grinding well after they have got that “hit” song or buzz. However, many people stop making music or making good music after they have a song that gains popularity and for that reason they die down. People need to put the same energy and marketing and effort into their songs after they gain a little bit of fame to be a real success story and many don’t realise this. They either become scared of the sudden success or don’t know how to act or they become too excited and they don’t act fast enough or correctly in accordance of what to do to handle this new buzz.   For this reason alone many artists are simply one hit wonders these days.

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