“Young King” A Dedication To Those We’ve Lost

No one understands death. When someone dies it is very easy to console someone saying ‘he/she has gone to a better place’. However, this never takes away from the pain of losing a loved one. Young King by Owais encapsulates this feeling completely. The song itself was a dedication to his close friend and brother Abboma Abdi.

During the video we see him praying, hoping the person he lost has gone somewhere better and is watching over him, but this does not take away from the grief he is undergoing, knowing he will never see their smile again. He was breaking down. There is no set way to deal with this kind of sorrow, people deal with death in different ways. Many turn to God, questioning why he would take someone so kind and loving away from them.  The artist first thought of using liquor and drugs to numb the pain. However, he quickly recognises that this is not what his friend and would want, and seeks an alternative direction.

Abboma was one that always worked on giving back to his community and empowering those around him. “The world is all the poorer from his loss, yet the strength of his memory will persevere through all those who learnt from him” – Owais.

To whoever has lost someone close to them this song is for you.

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